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4 Tips for CIOs to deal efficiently with Shadow IT

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Our recently featured article, ‘4 Tips for CIOs to deal efficiently with Shadow IT’, analyses the relationship between the CIO and Shadow IT. It explores the way CIOs approach the topic, and whether it should be seen as a problem or an opportunity.

The piece focuses on security and risk issues and highlights 4 areas the CIO must consider when dealing with Shadow IT situations:

  • Don’t be complacent about the context: None of this is truly new and it is almost impossible to ban or avoid.
  • Security is key but put it in perspective: Comparing security levels depends to a large extent on the actual maturity of your internal Security practice
  • Build channels to teach and listen: The CIO must become more of an influencer for business communities, and less of a technologist
  • Don’t lose sight of controls: Risks are real and good vendor management practices have to remain paramount

Corix Partners have analysed many of these challenges in their 2012 and 2014 white papers on Cloud Computing and Vendor Risk, and readers can click on the links to download them as a resource.

The full article by Corix Partners was published on Information Security Buzz – an independent resource that provides the best blogs, opinions and news for the information security community – and is available here.

JC Gaillard

Managing Director

Corix Partners

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