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Pragmatic advice to build management assurance, ensure compliance and drive effective and actionable change


Our Cyber Security Expert Service is aimed primarily at mid-size businesses, large SMEs, NPOs and other institutions, their management and their investors, and helps them understand, improve and manage their full Security and Privacy posture through an externalised, subscription-based assurance service provided on-site or off-site based on their needs.

We enable small and mid-size organisations to see the bigger picture around Security and Privacy, focus resources where most needed, find quick wins and drive action.


cyber security assurance service


Through the combination of an initial assessment of the organisation’s posture, the definition of an action plan and ongoing support to drive progress and develop skills, we give management and investors assurance that Security and Privacy are handled adequately across the business, and that improvement programmes remain on track.


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All with the flexibility of an annual subscription and monthly payments + the ability to navigate up or down our Service Levels depending on your circumstances.

Clients also get access to our network of “best-of-breed” experts who can act as a “first-port-of-call” should something go wrong, and can also provide additional services if required, for example around the architecture of security solutions, the selection of technology partners or the performance of intrusion tests.

Overall, we enable small and mid-size organisations to demonstrate good governance and solid compliance around security and privacy, something which is often key to unlocking pay-outs with cyber insurance firms in case of a breach.

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