What makes us different

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We focus only on Transformation

Building the ‘bigger picture’ with our Clients and driving for it

A group of Information Security & Controls experts passionate about:

  • building teams
  • driving cultural and governance changes across global organisations
  • delivering real long-term solutions to Security Strategy, Organisation & Governance challenges

Always with a Mid to Long-term View

Real Cyber Security Transformation takes time and relentless drive

  • Real Information Security changes require real action over time at a number of levels across the enterprise
  • A niche culture and un-rivalled Client focus, always aiming for mid to long-term partnerships with Clients
  • A network culture, reaching out to a number of specialized partners able to assist in any aspect of Information Security Transformation programmes

A real Transformation practice learnt in the Field

Done it before; Battle scars to prove it ; No ‘Ivory Tower’ approach

  • We come from the coal face; our background is in delivering lasting change
  • A pragmatic approach to engineering solutions, built on over 20 years of direct international field experience
  • Real life experience of the internal dynamics of large corporations
  • In-depth knowledge of the Information Security market place, its structure and its key actors


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