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An independent podcast with a different take on what’s happening in the cyber security industry

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Drawing on decades of real-life experience, JC Gaillard, and his guests share their views in a weekly podcast on both the interesting news stories and their own experiences of the week.

Aimed at CIOs and other C-level executives with a passion for cyber security, each 15 to 20 minute episode is framed around an open discussion focused on a particular topic, from security budgets to the evolving role of the CISO or the impact of COVID-19

The tone of the podcast reflects the alternative approach which has been at the heart of the Corix spirit from the start: Looking beyond the technical horizon into strategy, organisation, governance, corporate culture and the real dynamics of large organisations to deliver real long term protection and value.

Guests are drawn from a large cross-section of senior executives across the cyber security industry and reflect our passion for alternative views and different stories.


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