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Launching Soon: “The Cybersecurity Spiral of Failure – and how to break out of it”

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Following the launch on Amazon in February 2023 of “The Cybersecurity Leadership Handbook for the CISO and the CEO“, we are delighted to announce the second book from our Founder and CEO JC Gaillard:

“The Cybersecurity Spiral of Failure – and how to break out of it”

Why large firms still struggle with cybersecurity and how to engineer real change dynamics

Drawing on the content of the “Handbook”, augmented with more recent articles and distributed around a different narrative, the book essentially explores the articulations between:

  • Corporate short-termism;
  • The cybersecurity focus on tech products at the expense of process and people aspects;
  • The proliferation of so-called “solutions” never properly deployed;
  • The impact of operational complexity on the efficiency and the productivity of security teams;
  • and in the end, the effect all this is having on talent attrition and the cybersecurity skills gap.

It offers a genuine, authentic and independent view on the cybersecurity dynamics in the corporate world, and a clear vision on how to break the deadlocks that have prevented cybersecurity maturity to develop in many large firms.


Praise for “The Cybersecurity Spiral of Failure – and how to break out of it” from leading cybersecurity  and technology practitioners



A refreshing outlook on the cybersecurity corporate landscape from a really independent and authentic voice in the industry. In “The Cybersecurity Spiral of Failure”, JC Gaillard truly reaches beyond the technology horizon into the dynamics of execution and transformation in large organizations. A must-read for the C suite.



This is a long-overdue diagnostic on twenty years of corporate failures around cybersecurity. Industry expert and top strategic advisor JC Gaillard addresses without complacency and in plain language the cultural and governance issues that have prevented large organizations to protect themselves from cyberthreats, and more importantly, highlights a clear and visionary way forward. An essential read for any top executive on cybersecurity.



Many cybersecurity practitioners will recognize page after page the situations JC describes in this book. This is a long-awaited – and at times painfully accurate – real-life assessment of the corporate dynamics that have surrounded cybersecurity for the last two decades in large firms.



Release date to be announced soon for orders and pre-orders


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