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The Security Transformation Research Foundation is a dedicated think-tank and research body aimed at approaching Security problems differently and producing innovative and challenging research ideas in the Security, Business Protection, Risk and Controls space.

It supports research projects and individual initiatives aimed at changing the narrative around Security, looking beyond the technical horizon into Security strategy, governance, culture, resilience and the real dynamics of transformation.

The think-tank has for objective to develop and communicate targeted research material that encourages and helps organisations make the improvements needed around Security, Business Protection, Risk and Controls so they can overcome current organisational, governance and cultural limitations and are better protected going forward.

  • Looking beyond Technology towards Security Leadership, Strategy, Governance, Culture and Resilience
  • Delivering a challenge and an alternative view on common practices in the Security, Business Protection, Risk and Control space to help the Industry move forward

It is supported by the ecosystem around Corix Partners, a community of independent cyber security specialists and selected consulting firms, who bring collectively decades of direct international field experience on the matter.

To find out more, visit the foundation website here or follow its Security Transformation Leadership publication on Medium.

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“The Security Transformation Research Foundation” is a registered trademark of Corix Partners Limited