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The Digital Transformation of Public Services will fail unless Cyber Security is at its core

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Cyber security must be at the heart of the public sector IT agenda and must be seen as a necessary barrier against real and active threats. It needs to be actively implemented at people, process and technology levels. It needs to be embedded in the mindset of all parts of the public sector for digitalisation to work.

Change in that space is very highly vulnerable to ambiguity: It starts with a clear vision coming from the top that must be relayed without fail at all levels. All actors in the public sector digital transformation sphere must place cyber security at the heart of each and every public communication they make. Those who think it might “scare people” are just in denial about the reality of the threats and the impact they can have. It is only at this price that the digital transformation will be successful at the pace the Government is marking.

Download our full article here as published in Politics First on 7th June 2016.

Other contributors to this edition included Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, John Redwood, Conservative MP, Pat Glass, Shadow Minister for Europe, Alex Salmond, SNP Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Tom Brake, Liberal Democrat MP, and Mike Gapes, Member of the foreign Affairs Select Committee, .

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