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Information Security: Three Governance Challenges for the CIO

Information governance

Our recently featured article, ‘Information Security: Three Governance Challenges for the CIO’, explores the relationship between information security and the CIO. Looking at the historic factors which have shaped the way large corporations view information security and how it falls into the responsibilities of the modern day CIO, this article discusses where the CIO can make a difference – and the factors that will play on their success in doing so.

The article examines the relationship between the CIO and information security, including some of the core challenges faced by the CIO when trying to influence change in what has historically been a poorly governed area across many large organisations.

The piece focuses on the three key challenges faced by the CIO when it comes to sending the message across the organisation and influencing corporate change on all levels:

  1. Managing upwards: How does the CIO influence top level board members on matters of information security? Executive management needs to understand that, even if information security breaches still have a relatively low frequency, this frequency is on the increase. In addition to this, the impact information security breaches can have is becoming more and more difficult to quantify due to the increasing ramifications over recent years and the amount of media interest.
  2. Managing downwards: How does the CIO address – and close – the rift between information technology and security? CIOs must look without complacency at their own organisation. Technologists are almost always trained and incentivised to prioritise delivering functionality, often seeing security controls as a pain point or a limitation to their work.
  3. Managing sideways: How does a CIO lead themselves to success while maintaining control over the medium to long-term? In order to be successful, CIOs must be remain in control of their own priorities over the medium to long-term

The full article by Corix Partners recently featured on The C Suite – ‘Home of Today’s CIO’ and is available to view by visiting the C Suite blog.

To find out more about overcoming governance challenges and resolving security strategy, contact Corix Partners. With over 20 years of field experience, we’re experts in assisting CIOs and other C-level executives in building security practices that deliver lasting value.