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Information Security: Quantifying Cyber Threats

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Corix Partners have recently been featured on Enterprise CIO Forum, publishing our commentary article on one of this year’s biggest Cyber Security reports ‘Towards the Quantification of Cyber Threats’. The 2015 report was published by the Partnership for Cyber Resilience at this year’s World Economic Forum and produced in partnership with Deloitte.

The 2015 Partnership for Cyber Resilience report summarises activities across the previous year – focusing on modelling “cyber value-at-risk”, and the task of building a shared cyber security framework amongst stakeholders. As experts in the field, we’ve shared our thoughts on the report’s findings and conclusions, questioning its relevance against the numerous cyber security challenges organisations face today.

Key questions and topics raised in our feature include:

  • Is the concept of “cyber value-at-risk” an important consideration for modern cyber security practitioners?
  • What value does the 2015 report add to the industry?
  • What should the Partnership for Cyber Resilience and World Economic Forum look to next in order to help the cyber security industry step forward?

Click here to read our full commentary on the 2015 report originally published on the Enterprise CIO Forum site – one of the leading online forums for CIOs and IT leaders in some of the world’s largest multi-national organisations.

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