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GDPR: What to expect up to May 25th and beyond

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Faced with wide-spread non compliance, the attitude of regulators will be key

Throughout 2017, the GDPR has been successful in bringing up to the attention of boards,  senior and middle management a range of security and privacy issues which had not been properly on their radar up to now.

But the regulation is genuinely complex and “compliance” remains an elusive concept for many firms.

Faced with widespread issues, the attitude of regulators will be key throughout 2018 and will be the main force shaping up the next steps.

Corix Partners, together with Arsia MonsDA ResilienceNext World CapitalWise Partners and a number of experts, have analysed the impact the GDPR has had so far, and offer key insights on what can be expected up to May 25th and beyond in a whitepaper which can be downloaded here.

The white paper is produced as part of the research activities of the Security Transformation Research Foundation.

The Security Transformation Research Foundation is a dedicated think-tank and research body aimed at approaching Security problems differently and producing innovative and challenging research ideas in the Security, Business Protection, Risk and Controls space

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