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Cyber Security: More Control, Less Risk

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In our recent feature on, we discussed the importance of effective cyber security when it comes to protecting an organisation’s information assets. In our article we discussed the importance of technologists focussing more on threats and controls and less on risk in order to build an effective Cyber Security Practice.

Our article shines a light on the typically risk focused nature of the industry and why shifting that focus onto the implementation of effective controls to protect an organisation against real threats is key in effective Cyber Security. We also discuss the disconnect in viewpoints between technologists and business users – and how this can lead to a dangerous position, whereby an organisation develops a false sense of protection against cyber threats and cyber-crime.

The full feature on covers:

  • The relationship between controls and business productivity
  • The technologist’s vs. the business user’s viewpoint
  • Effectively removing the disconnect between differing perceptions
  • Where to focus in order to improve cyber security measures

The article, entitled ‘More Control, Less Risk’ – from Corix Partners’ Neil Cordell is available on the BCS website. Click here to read the article in full.

To find out more about addressing cyber risk, contact Corix Partners. Corix Partners is a Boutique Management Consultancy Firm with over 20 years of field experience in resolving security strategy, organisation and governance challenges – helping clients build secure practices which deliver real value.