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Corix Partners presents at the CIMA Regional Meeting

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Technology alone will not protect you from Cyber Threats

It was a great pleasure for Corix Partners to be invited to present at the Central London and North Thames area regional meeting of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) on Thursday 15th October 2015.

The focus of the presentation was on Cyber Threats, why technology alone cannot protect you and how to consider an organisation’s key Assets and the Threats to these Assets.  It’s only once you understand the Threats that you face that you can define and develop the appropriate Controls to protect yourself against those Threats. Technologists will always drive a better engagement with their business by focusing on Threats and Controls instead of following only a product-driven agenda.

The members had a lot of questions relating to a wide range of cyber security topics which stimulated a number of interesting discussions in particular around the use of Cloud Computing and whether it is safe.  Click on the link to download our whitepaper “A Balanced Approach to Cloud Computing” which highlights key considerations in that area

Many thanks to CIMA for their invitation and we look forward to further opportunities to partnering on such events.


Neil Cordell


Corix Partners

Find out more about how your business can truly protect its future from cyber threats by contacting Corix Partners. Corix Partners is a Boutique Management Consultancy Firm, focused on assisting CIOs and COOs in resolving Security Strategy, Organisation & Governance challenges.