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Corix Partners in the Cyber Security Community – Q4 2020

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Corix Partners is active at a number of levels in the wider cyber security community in the UK and abroad. This is a summary of the activities which we have undertaken during Q4 2020.


digital leaders week 2020

Budgeting for Cyber Security post-COVID: Three Golden Rules for the C-Suite

JC Gaillard, MD & Founder, Corix Partners, gave a talk on the topic at the Digital Leaders Week 2020 on 14th October 2020.

The COVID crisis is presenting most businesses with unprecedented situations – for good, bad or worse. One thing the pandemic has not pushed off the radar, is cyber security. As a matter of fact, the volume of cyber-attacks increased to “alarming levels” according to Interpol during the heart of the crisis. For businesses now totally dependent on remote working, e-commerce or digital supply chains, a serious security breach is the last thing they want… CEOs, CFOs and CIOs should not jump to ready-made conclusions around cyber security ahead of their next budgeting round.

The talk is focused on three golden rules for them to consider as they plan ahead, and can be found here on our YouTube channel.

Digital Leaders is a global initiative that has created a shared professional space for senior leadership from different sectors promoting effective, long-term digital transformation.


cyber security leadership summit 2020

The Cyber Security Skills Gap: Real Problem or Self-Inflicted Pain ?

JC Gaillard, MD & Founder, Corix Partners, gave a talk on the topic at the Kuppinger Cole Cyber Security Leadership Summit 2020 on 10th November 2020.

You don’t have to go far these days to find security professionals complaining about skills shortages, and countless media outlets relaying their views. But there are at least two sides to this argument and the situation requires a more balanced approach. The security industry needs to rebuild its narrative to attract more raw talent at all levels.

The talk is focused on the key challenges faced by the security industry in that space, and can be found here on our YouTube channel.

KuppingerCole Analysts, founded in 2004, is an international and independent analyst organization, and specializes in offering neutral advice, expertise, thought leadership and practical relevance in Information Security, Identity & Access Management (IAM), Governance (IAG), Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) as well as all areas concerning the Digital Transformation.


cyber security esg

Cyber Security: Not just an Equation between Risk Appetite, Compliance and Costs

Now more than ever, cyber security – as a cornerstone of digital trust – is becoming a matter of good corporate governance, good ethics, and quite simply – good business.

In November 2020, we released an updated version of our 2019 white paper on this topic, originally published in collaboration with The Security Transformation Research Foundation.

The updated whitepaper can be downloaded here.


Building a Vendor Risk Management Practice that Delivers Real Value: A Guide for Programme Managers

As the COVID crisis makes most businesses dependent on third-parties and cloud services, keeping a firm grip on vendor risk becomes essential.

In November 2020, we also released a totally revised version of our 2015 white paper on this topic.

The updated white paper can be downloaded here.


Transformation Talks Podcast

The “Transformation Talks” Podcast – The Business Transformation Network

JC Gaillard, MD & Founder, Corix Partners, was invited to take part in one episode of the “Transformation Talks” podcast by The BTN, focused on cybersecurity, risk, silver bullets and COVID-19.

Released on 8 December 2020, the episode can be accessed here.

The “Transformation Talks” Podcast is brought to you by the Business Transformation Network to help you gain insight into the world of Business Transformation today. From People, to Process and Technology, the podcast covers the latest conversations and projects from international business transformation experts. Our guests share the strategies, tactics and insights to provide you with further understanding around specific transformation topics and projects


techuk logo

The CISO at the C-Suite

JC Gaillard, MD & Founder, Corix Partners, was invited to contribute to the production of the first report in the techUK Cyber People Series, exploring how CISOs should engage at C-Suite and Board level.

The report, released on 14 December 2020 can be accessed here: It highlights the need for the CISO function to seek to educate, garner and leverage support from the C-Suite and Board levels to drive change across their organisations, as cyber security increasingly underpins and enables business growth across all sectors, and enables the Fourth Industrial Revolution to gather pace.

With over 800 members (the majority of which are SMEs) across the UK, techUK creates a network for innovation and collaboration across business, government and stakeholders to provide a better future for people, society, the economy and the planet.


mix corix partners cyberr security leadership

Cyber Security Leadership: The Corix Partners Library of Cyber Security Articles on Mix

Since 1 December 2020, a selection of cyber security articles curated by Corix Partners can be found here on Mix, covering a broad cross-section of themes, managerial and technical, from the evolution of ransomware to the role of the CISO, the impact of the COVID pandemic and how to develop cyber resilience strategies.

They are collected from our Scoop.It topics and sourced from a variety of leading publications, think tanks, websites, consulting firms and other institutions, including McKinsey & Co, the World Economic Forum, Forbes and the Harvard Business Review.

Mix is a personalized discovery platform, which aims at finding the Internet hidden gems by using machine learning, editors picks and best-in-class publishers.


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