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Corix Partners in the Cyber Security Community – Q3 2023

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Corix Partners is active at a number of levels in the wider cyber security community in the UK and abroad. This is a summary of the activities which we have undertaken during Q3 2023.


virtual non execs logoThe Virtual Non Execs Network

JC Gaillard, Founder & CEO, Corix Partners, joined the Virtual Non Execs network on 29 June 2023. is the pre-eminent peer-led non-executive director and board advisory community. The network for the serious Non-Executive Director.

His profile on the site can be found here


Leaders Press Dupy GaillardThe LeadersTalk Podcast – Episode 25 – Cybersecurity & Digital Transformation

JC Gaillard, Founder & CEO, Corix Partners, talks about his last book “The Cybersecurity Leadership Handbook for the CISO and the CEO” and the challenges of integrating cybersecurity, digital transformation and the all-important human element on this episode of the LeadersTalk Podcast hosted by Andrew Dupy for LeadersPress, which was released on 9 August 2023.

Click here to watch it on the LeadersPress YouTube channel


Thinkers360 JC GaillardThought Leader and Influencer Interview with Jean-Christophe Gaillard, Founder & CEO, Corix Partners – Thinkers360

JC Gaillard, Founder & CEO, Corix Partners, was interviewed by Thinkers360 as part of their “Thought Leaders & Influencers” series.

The series focuses on prominent members of the Thinkers360 community who embody the power of ideas in their work.

The interview, released on 18 August 2023, can be found here.

Thinkers360 is the world’s premier B2B thought leader, analyst and influencer community and services marketplace.

JC Gaillard has been ranking consistently in the top 10 of global thought leaders on Thinkers360 for cybersecurity, leadership, and management.


cybesecurity leaderboard corix partnersTop 50 Thought Leading Companies on Cybersecurity 2023

Corix Partners was identified as one of the Top 50 Thought Leading companies on cybersecurity for 2023 by Thinkers360.

These companies made it onto the leaderboard because their executives, thought leaders, and employee advocates, who are members of Thinkers360, actively contributed their personally-authored content and experience on Cybersecurity as part of their profiles and portfolios and shared with the Thinkers360 community.

Congratulations to all organizations, thought leaders and experts who participated!

The full list, released on 10 September 2023, can be found here.


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