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Corix Partners in the Cyber Security Community – Q3 2020

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Corix Partners is active at a number of levels in the wider cyber security community in the UK and abroad. This is a summary of the activities which we have undertaken during Q3 2020.


cyber security lost decade 2020 edition

Cyber Security: The Lost Decade – 2020 Edition

JC Gaillard, MD & Founder, Corix Partners, officially released the fourth edition of his book “Cyber Security: The Lost Decade” on 14th September 2020 published – like previous editions – under the label of the Security Transformation Research Foundation.

It offers a selection of 74 key articles originally posted on the Corix Partners blog since 2015 and expert insight on why large organizations still struggle with decade-old security problems – and how to fix them, including a full new section on the COVID pandemic and its implications.

The Security Transformation Research Foundation is a dedicated think-tank and research body aimed at approaching Security problems differently and producing innovative and challenging research ideas in the Security, Business Protection, Risk and Controls space


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Cyber Security, Risk, Silver Bullets and Covid-19…

JC Gaillard, MD & Founder, Corix Partners, was interviewed by The Business Transformation Network as a global cyber security thought-leader around the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ever growing importance of cyber security for businesses in the current context.

The full interview was released on 1 September 2020 and can be found here.

The Business Transformation Network (BTN) is a thought leadership network, which allows experts in their field to showcase knowledge through the dissemination of ideas via videos, articles & events. The world’s home for business transformation content and networking, it offers a unique thought leadership environment to network on themes across People, Process & Technology.


Transformation Talks Podcast

The “Transformation Talks” Podcast – The Business Transformation Network

Corix Partners was featured in one episode of the “Transformation Talks” podcast by The BTN, focused on cyber security and risk in modern business.

Released on 25 August 2020, the episode can be accessed here.

The “Transformation Talks” Podcast is brought to you by the Business Transformation Network to help you gain insight into the world of Business Transformation today. From People, to Process and Technology, the podcast covers the latest conversations and projects from international business transformation experts. Our guests share the strategies, tactics and insights to provide you with further understanding around specific transformation topics and projects


JC Gaillard Corix Partners

Does the Role of the “Virtual CISO” Make Any Sense?

JC Gaillard, MD & Founder, Corix Partners, was interviewed by Thinkers360 around the role of the “virtual CISO”, the value it can bring to small and mid-size businesses and the pitfalls to avoid when carving out such position.

The full interview was released on 22nd July 2020 and can be found here.

Thinkers360 is the world’s first open platform for thought leaders and influencers to share opportunities, promote and advance their expertise.


Cyber Security & Risk Management  2020 – Financier WorldWide

Corix Partners was featured in the 2020 Edition of the Financier WorldWide INDepth feature on cyber security and risk management.

The full report was released in July 2020 and can be downloaded here.

Since 2001, Financier Worldwide has provided valuable information on corporate finance and board-level business issues through its monthly magazine and exclusive website content. As a leading publisher of news and analysis on this dynamic global market, the organisation is recognised as a valued source of intelligence to the corporate, investment and advisory community.


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