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Corix Partners in the Cyber Security Community – Q2 2022

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Corix Partners is active at a number of levels in the wider cyber security community in the UK and abroad. This is a summary of the activities which we have undertaken during Q2 2022.



JC Gaillard, Founder & CEO, Corix Partners, became a Fellow (FCIIS) of the Chartered Institute of Information Security on 1st April 2022

The Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec) is the only pure play information and cyber security institution to have been granted Royal Charter status in the UK and is dedicated to raising the standard of professionalism in information and cyber security.

CIISec provide a universally accepted focal point for the information cyber security profession. It is an independent not-for-profit body governed by its members, ensuring standards of professionalism for training, qualifications, operating practices and individuals


Telecom Paris Alumni Cyber Group

From Cyber Security to Cyber Resilience

JC Gaillard, Founder & CEO, Corix Partners, co-facilitated a webinar with Telecom Paris Alumni on 14 April 2022 around the theme of cyber resilience, what it means in relation to cyber security, how it can be articulated with enterprise operational resilience, and why it has surged to such prominence over the past 2 years

Speakers included Anne Dore, Thomas Hutin, Laura Peytavin and Rayna Stambolyiska

JC Gaillard is co-president of the CyberSecurity group of the Telecom Paris Alumni association.

Founded in 1878, Télécom Paris is one of the top French public institutions of higher engineering education and research in France


Cyber Material Review

Cyber Security – The Lost Decade – 5th Edition (2021)

JC Gaillard, Founder & CEO, Corix Partners, was invited to take part in a video interview with Cyber Material released on 23 May 2022 reviewing the 5th edition of his 2017 book “Cyber Security: The Lost Decade – A Security Governance Handbook for the CIO and the CISO

Click here to watch the video on the Cyber Material YouTube channel

Cyber Material is a platform delivering actionable cybersecurity data to Cyber Citizens, Cyber Professionals, and Institutions


Digital Leaders Week 2022

How to manage the mounting cyber security technical debt?

With survey after survey highlighting the toll taken by toolkit proliferation on SOC efficiency and analysts mental health, have we come to the point where organisations have to stop buying more tech for the sake of it and start focusing on the decluttering of their cyber security landscape?

JC Gaillard, Founder & CEO, Corix Partners and Chris Burtenshaw, Founder and CEO, Strata Security co-animated a webinar on 23 June 2022 as part of Digital Leaders Week 2022, exploring the dynamics which have driven large organisations over the past 2 decades towards buying more and more security tech, and what can be done today to help them make the most of what they have, in a context of escalating threats and increasing skills scarcity

Click here to watch it on the Corix Partners YouTube channel


Forbes Business Council Quotes15 Ways To Leverage And Supplement AI In Your Cybersecurity Efforts

Leaders need to ensure that sensitive information cannot be breached and that important data remain protected. Artificial intelligence can be an incredibly helpful tool in a company’s arsenal for warding off cyber threats.

JC Gaillard, Founder & CEO, Corix Partners, was quoted on Forbes on 5 May 2022 as part of a panel of Forbes Business Council members who identified 15 things a business leader can do to leverage and supplement AI capabilities for cyber security.

Read his quote below:

Take The Right Steps Before Involving AI

Make sure you do the cybersecurity basics right first before asking about what AI can do. Regularly scan and patch your entire estate, and make sure you have up to date protection on all endpoints. Filter email attachments, segment your network, use MFA on key assets and train your all staff—senior execs included—regularly and relevantly. All this will protect you more than any AI could.


He was also quoted on 27 April 2022 on a similar panel of Forbes Business Council members around the theme “On A Budget? Follow These 15 Affordable Content Marketing Strategies“.


corix partners podcast series 3The Cyber Security Transformation Podcast – Series 3

The third series of the Corix Partners Cyber Security Transformation Podcast launched on 10 May 2022 and is focused, in a first instance, on looking back at our 2015 series of articles entitled “The CIO Guide to a Successful Information Security Practice – 8 Key Management Pitfalls to Avoid”.

The series, originally published on the Corix Partners blog between May and June 2015, was our first attempt to frame our ideas around how to design and operate effective and efficient cyber security practices.

Later in the year, we will also revisit our series of articles published around 2017 and 2018 and focused on “The First 100 Days of the New CISO



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