Monthly archives: March 2017

30 March 2017 / Leadership Development, Strategy and Governance / JC Gaillard

Various clichés bouncing about on social media are simplistic and must be challenged Over the past 6 months, social media and the Internet have been inundated with GDPR-related material. Law firms, consultancies – large and small – and even tech firms… Read more »

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16 March 2017 / Architecture and Design / JC Gaillard

In a previous article, we pointed out how millennials – whose digital-nativeness is often praised by employers – are actually endowed with less cybersecurity-savviness than their more senior co-workers. A key consequence of this is their failure to dis… Read more »

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2 March 2017 / JC's Column / JC Gaillard

The Cyber Security Industry needs more talent; but at which level and to do what? Here is a theme that has cyber security experts gripped: There is an enormous problem of skills across the cyber security industry. Not enough professionals. Hundreds of… Read more »

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