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Our Architecture and Design Practice

Our Architecture and Design practice assists Security Leaders, CIOs and other C-Level executives in assessing, redesigning or establishing Enterprise Security Architecture Frameworks and Design Authorities to ensure their appropriate governance.


> Enterprise Security Architecture: Frameworks and Design Authority: A structured technical vision to build standardised security designs and govern their implementation


> Architectural Support Services: Security requirements and Design: A structured support practice aimed at detemining security requirements with all stakeholders and designing solutions to meet those requirements


> Technical Solutions Architecture: IAM, SIEM, ISRM: A structured design practice aimed at defining technical security solutions to meet identified requirements and supervising of their delivery


Information security architecture framework


Our Information Security Architecture Framework

Security design, and the implementation of technology services to support the business requirements of an organisation, is complex. It is important to ensure that technical solutions are designed and implemented in a secure manner – and are based on a solid foundation of Security architectural principles. Many of the security services required to implement technology solutions will also benefit from being designed and implemented in a consistent manner across the organisation.

We also assist our Clients with technical IT Security design services focused on process as well as technology, the development of IT Security Architecture Frameworks and the supervision of their delivery and implementation.

We have a broad level of vendor-independent knowledge across technologies, and specific expertise in the areas of:

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Information Security Risk Management (ISRM)

We can assist our Clients over the mid- to long-term in the independent supervision of Security Architecture functions and their governance through the representation Information Security on the relevant design authorities.