Monthly archives: January 2019

31 January 2019 / Strategy and Governance / JC Gaillard

Excessive complexity and lack of first line integration render many GRC metrics useless Many CISOs complain of communication problems with their business. They are not being listened to. They are not getting the budget they think they should get. They… Read more »

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17 January 2019 / Strategy and Governance / Corix Partners

Cyber security is becoming a matter of good corporate governance, good ethics, and quite simply – good business Cyber security has risen as a key issue on the radar of virtually all organisations. As a recent AT Kearney report suggests, cyber-attacks h… Read more »

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3 January 2019 / JC's Column / JC Gaillard

Talent alienation is the biggest issue behind the cybersecurity management skills gap, but it shouldn’t be the case Who wants to be a CISO these days? And at which stage in your career should you consider the move? What balance of managerial and techni… Read more »

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