Monthly archives: June 2017

29 June 2017 / Cyber Security Community / Corix Partners

Corix Partners is active at a number of levels in the wider cyber security community in the UK and abroad. This is a summary of the activities which we have undertaken during Q2 2017.   Corix Partners, together with DA Resilience, contributed to t… Read more »

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15 June 2017 / Leadership Development, Strategy and Governance / JC Gaillard

Keep appointing pure technologists in CISO roles and you’ll never win The Wannacry ransomware attack that affected so many large firms in May 2017 led to a number of animated discussions amongst InfoSec communities. The corrective patch (fixing the vul… Read more »

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1 June 2017 / Guest Blog / Vincent Viers

It only takes a healthy dose of paranoia to understand that our privacy is under constant attack. It’s no secret that our personal data is routinely being monitored by the likes of Facebook or the Government. And your refrigerator might just be about t… Read more »

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